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Almost a million in apprenticeships

Almost a million in apprenticeships

Some revealing statistics have been released as part of the government’s information drive on learning and apprenticeships. 

The latest 2015/16 figures show that almost a million people were involved in apprenticeship schemes over the last year, with just over 500,000 new starters.

1.    904,800 people participated in an apprenticeship this year – 288,600 at intermediate level, 188,400 at advanced level and 26,800 at higher level;

2.    Of these, 202,200 apprentices were aged under 19, and 702,600 were aged 19 and over. 503,700 people started an apprenticeship this year – up from 499,900 in 2014-15;

3.    130,000 people under 19 years of age started an apprenticeship this year;

4.    809,400 adult learners participated on English and maths courses this year;

5.    There 23,900 traineeship starts this year, of which 14,600 were aged under 19, and 9,300 aged between 19 and 24; and

6.    There were 3,800 apprenticeship starts on the new apprenticeship standards this year.


‘Determined to build on this success’

Skills and apprenticeships minister Robert Halfon said: “Apprenticeships work, that’s why they lie at the heart of our commitment to giving everyone the chance they deserve to get the skills and jobs they need for their future.

“It is great news that there are more apprentices and trainees than ever before. I am determined that we build on this success so that everyone who wants to can benefit from the ladder of opportunity they offer. High-quality skills and apprenticeships lie at the heart of the government’s drive to create the skilled workforce that British industry needs to thrive, to boost productivity and build an economy that works for all.”



Courtesy of Apprentice Eye (www.apprenticeeye.co.uk)

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