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Safeguards will limit levy ‘gaming’

Safeguards will limit levy ‘gaming’

Skills minister Robert Halfon has reassured industry observers concerned that the new apprentice levy will be ‘gamed’ under the new rules.

Speaking at an event at the Conservative Party, Halfon said that although some abuse was inevitable he was sure that it would be limited by safeguards.

“I’m not going to lie to you, inevitably there may be some gaming of the system but I don’t actually believe it will be widespread,” he told attendees at a fringe event at the conference in Birmingham.

“I don’t think this will be as widespread as one may think. If there is evidence of it after the levy is in operation it will come through and then we will look at it.”


The Levy comes into effect in April 2017, and Halfon has committed to that timeframe, despite calls from some employers for a delay.

Article courtesy of Apprentice Eye (www.apprenticeeye.co.uk

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