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Dispelling myths about EPA's

Dispelling myths about EPA's

With an ever present confusion relating to certain interpretations of what EPA's are and are not, this short guide aims to help remove many of the most important and common misunderstandings.


Myth: The apprentice becomes the End Point Assessment Organisation's responsibility as soon as they move into "Gateway".

Fact: The apprentice still requires detailed support from the training provider and the employer. It could be the busiest time for employers and training providers supporting the apprentice, depending which standard is being delivered.


Myth: The End Point Assessor will be a faceless, cold and unresponsive person, who the apprentice cannot speak to during their End Point Assessment.

Fact: The End Point Assessor will always build rapport and introduce themselves with the aim of putting the apprentice at ease before the process of End Point Assessment starts. Once the process starts, the end point assessor will remain professional and business like.


Myth: All apprentices will be told on the day if they have passed their End Point Assessment.

Fact: I often hear that the apprentice will find out on the day if they have passed their end point assessment. This is simply not true. We have a process in place for moderation. This means that all of our assessors and the assessments they do will be moderated by a third party. This ensures that everything is consistent and robust. We work on a 7 working day turnaround of results.


Myth: End Point Assessment can be changed and amended based on the particular employer or site.

Fact: All EPAOs are subject to following the assessment plan set by the ESFA. If it says the assessment methods are a project and portfolio, then that's precisely what we and all EPAO’s will follow.


Myth: "All my apprentices are of an excellent standard. I would expect them all to get distinctions!"

Fact: This is often the case, because people get to know their apprentices, and see how they work, day in and day out. Distinctions are usually awarded to outstanding apprentices performing at that level at their end point assessment. Across all sectors and standards, this equates approximately to one in ten.


Myth: "Our apprentices don't need to learn that element of the standard, so we won't need that assessing."

Fact: Every single element of the assessment plan will be tested. The assessment plan will tell you where the expectations of where each knowledge, skill, and behaviour will need to be displayed.


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