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Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme: 100 and still counting!

Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme:  100 and still counting!

CCATF Member organisation Hudson Contract are delighted to introduce their 100th apprentice.  Patrick Casey has started his career as an apprentice carpenter with Yorkshire firm West & Hill.  On a wet, windy day, Hudson Contract went to meet him on site with his employers Rick Hill and Will West.

“We’ve been busy trying to keep our morning’s work dry – and stop it blowing away,” Patrick laughed.  “That’s a skill you definitely can’t learn in the classroom.  Even so, I really enjoy working outside.”

Eighteen-year-old Patrick is on his first year of a site carpentry course at Leeds College of Building. “After leaving school I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I spent a couple of years in retail whilst I tried to work it out.” he said. “All I knew was that I didn't want to be stuck inside, even on a day like today. A lot of relatives are in the joinery trade and I’d done a bit of labouring for them over the years so they recommended I looked at Leeds College of Building.”

At the same time West & Hill were looking to take on an apprentice to help grow their business.  “We started three years ago, and things really took off when we signed up with the Checkatrade website,” Rick said.   “We had taken on an apprentice once before, but it didn't work out.  So this time we trialled four potentials to ensure we got the right candidate.  Now here we are with Patrick, and this time, we chose well!”

Rick is a plasterer and floorer by trade and Will a joiner, so Patrick also gets the benefit of learning a wider range of skills.   He said:  “It’s great, because I get to see a project from start to finish and learn more than joinery alone.”

Hudson Contract’s Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme has been running since 2011.  “We are very proud to have reached this milestone,” says Chairman David Jackson.  “Some of our youngsters will undoubtedly go on to start their own businesses, and create value and wealth across the industry.  It feels good to know you’ve played a small part in helping a youngster get their first job.  Here’s to our next batch of apprentices!” 

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