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The benefits of hiring an apprentice

Apprentices help give you the skills to compete

The apprenticeship challenge in the construction industry is about helping increase the supply of skilled workers. The construction industry offers a broad range of exciting career opportunities and continues to need high quality new recruits to minimise the threat of skills shortages.

We all know that a well equipped construction sector is essential to ensuring the UK meets its various economic, social and environmental objectives. As we start to grow our way out of the economic downturn that has loomed over the industry for the past few years, it is really important that construction has the right skills to satisfy this growing demand. However, apprenticeships in construction have dropped by a third over the past two years and this, coupled with the industry's forecasts showing that we will need 182,000 new skilled people from now until 2018, demonstrates the enormity of the challenge.

Ten good reasons to hire an apprentice

  1. Apprentices give employers an edge over their competitors with more than 80% of clients favouring firms that employ apprentices
  2. Apprentices help businesses manage the risks of skills shortages
  3. Apprentices are eager to learn and are highly productive
  4. Apprentices contribute to the business’ bottom line and make businesses more competitive
  5. Apprentices help develop the supervisory skills of existing employees
  6. Apprentices can be trained according to the needs of the business and can develop a flexible skill set
  7. Apprentices quickly become skilled employees
  8. Apprentices help reduce staff turnover
  9. Apprentices are loyal to the firm with the majority remaining with the same employer and undertaking additional responsibilities
  10. Apprenticeship training is supported by government funding and the CITB Grant Scheme, making it affordable for employers

An apprenticeship to suit everybody

All apprenticeships combine a job with training towards a nationally recognised qualification. However, there are different types of apprenticeship to help suit the needs of all employers and apprentices in the construction industry.

Help and financial support

Help and financial support is available to business that employ an apprentice through a variety of schemes.

The following organisations can provide further information on hiring an apprentice, advertising and vacancies, training and grants:


Tel: 0344 994 4010
Visit: www.citb.co.uk/citb-apprenticeships/about-apprenticeships

National Apprenticeship Service (England only)

Tel: 0800 015 0400 Visit: www.apprenticeships.org.uk/Employers.aspx

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